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The data within AZSITE Member Mapping are updated weekly. There is a constant flow of new data and corrections to legacy data. The site and survey GIS data used in Member Mapping is provided by the AZSITE Consortium. AZSITE staff are working hard to catch up on a backlog of legacy data while keeping up with new submissions. Please see our Blog for updates on backlog progress and recent uploads.

All remaining GIS data, except as noted, is provided by the Arizona Land Resource Information System (ALRIS) and the Arizona Department of Transportation. The AZSITE Board disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy or correctness of that data which it does not provide.

Note: The Arizona State Museum (ASM) is the official and only repository for records generated under Arizona Antiquities Act (AAA) Blanket Permits (i.e., non-collection survey projects on state lands). The ASM’s Archaeological Records Office (ARO) receives, reviews, processes, and curates project materials submitted in compliance with AAA-permitted work. We recommend that all consultants either visit the ARO or formally request a record search from the ARO to ensure all available data is gathered, including recent surveys and newly recorded sites.

Note: Data from projects and sites located on Tribal land are not included in the AZSITE data set. If working on Tribal land, please contact the relevant Tribal Historic Preservation Office (THPO).