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AZSITE Advisory Council

The AZSITE Advisory Council is currently not active.

AZSITE Ad Hoc Advisory Committee

On August 5th, 2020, the AZSITE Board appointed an Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to serve in the Council's place until the Council becomes active and its seats are filled.

Members of the public and the AZSITE community may contact AZSITE regarding appointment to the committee (see vacancies below) or issues they would like the Ad Hoc Advisory Committee to discuss. The Committee Chair position is currently open.

The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee is currently comprised of:

  • Utilities Representative - Dan Garcia (SRP)
  • Tribal Representative - Reylynne Williams (GRIC THPO)
  • Federal Agency Representative - Scott Courtright (USDA NRCS)
  • State Agency Representative - Keith Pajkos (DFFM)
  • County CLG Representative - Vacant
  • Local Government CLG Representative - Mark Reavis (Flagstaff)
  • Local Government CLG Representative - Vacant
  • Producer Representative - Tina Thompson
  • Academic Representative - Rachel Fernandez (ASU, tDAR)
  • Small Business Representative - Vacant
  • Large Business Representative - Vacant

Ad Hoc Advisory Committee meeting minutes and reports to the AZSITE Board are available here.