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Download a current list of AZSITE uploads conducted in 2023

Backlog Original Site Upload Progress, 2020-2023:


Backlog Project Upload Progress, 2020-2023:


Total Uploads, 2020-2023:


March 13, 2023

Over the past several weeks we have uploaded 70 ASM backlog projects, 160 ASM backlog sites, 113 basic ASM backlog site updates, 10 ASM site updates (site consolidations and boundary updates), 106 ASM PRFs, 11 ASM site cards, and 18 data fixes.

January 20, 2023

So far this month we have uploaded 16 ASM projects (8 new fee structure, 8 backlog), 35 ASM sites (backlog), 33 basic ASM site updates (backlog), 40 ASM PRFs, 404 ASM site cards, and 11 data fixes. Site card uploads have included adding files for broken links in AZSITE and rectifying AZSITE's ASM site card library against ASM's digital site card archive.

January 12, 2023

Updated SHPO undertakings, property, and NRHP determination data have been obtained from the SHPO database and added to AZSITE.

January 3, 2023

Total uploads in 2022 were: 172 projects, 1663 sites, 299 site updates, 258 PRFs, 406 site cards, and 48 data fixes. The Advanced ASM Sites layer was updated on 12/23/2022.

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