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About Us

AZSITE is a Geographic Information System (GIS) that serves as a consolidated informational network of recorded cultural resources, including prehistoric and historic sites and properties, and surface surveys within the State of Arizona and a 40 mile buffer around the state.

This is a collaborative project between the Arizona State Museum on the University of Arizona campus, Archaeological Research Institute on the Arizona State University campus, The State Historic Preservation Office and the Museum of Northern Arizona.

The AZSITE Consortium was established under Arizona Executive Order 2006-03 and defines an AZSITE Board as the executive decision making body to facilitate the integration and shared management of cultural resource information for the entire state and an AZSITE Advisory Committee that shall assist the Board in AZSITE decisions.

The Board, consisting of the four core agencies listed above, collaborates to manage, maintain, develop and control access to the AZSITE database system and to secure funding for these activities through external grant efforts and through data use fees.

The Advisory Committee has representatives from the Federal, State, Private and Tribal agencies along with a Governor's Advisor.

The Arizona State Museum on the University of Arizona Campus in Tucson, Arizona manages the AZSITE System and is the main point of data security, entry, distribution, overall system schema developmental and provides user training.

The Institute for Social Science Research at Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona is responsible for the development of the AZSITE user applications and interface.